Letting winter in

by The Dive

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released December 17, 2016

Jens: Drums
Lisa: Vocals & Guitar
Mattis: Guitar & Backup Vocals
Oskar: Bass

Mixed & Mastered by Spektrum Mastering
Recorded at Replokal 15 with Måns



all rights reserved


The Dive Malmö, Sweden

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Track Name: Sunstorm
'cause of the storm
nobody’s home
they’re all gone
They hide in light, bright
of their shelter rooms
longing home

And the cats
are screaming in the yards
empty bowls
empty holes here in the lawns
shovels just lying there
in trace of paws

It was so hard to see
all so bright and for real
the storm did light up
and peoples eyes
were looking, looking, looking!
Now, the unknown and the fright
are havens to land
I gladly take Belmonts whip in my hand

Cloud of warmth
vibrating thing
is stired up by a wing
ticking cars and ozing bars
Sunstorm blinds and shrinks
all the blood to the skin
now all is drained within

I take the whip and I use it
i fight my way through the darkness
Track Name: Secret Garden
Do you know what will grow? In time we’ll all find out

The dews of night are painting your feet
The colors are dark and cold like a deep
You walk in your sleep, you don´t know in your sleep
that you are digging a hole in the back of your lawn

You wanna know what will come?
You wanna know what to harvest?
Never buy seeds in the dark
'cause you might just get darkness

As you find the seed in your gown you moan,
you let it fall heavy in to the pit
you’re not aware of this
important that you at least
have cleared the rotten from your pockets

And it thrives in the dark, oh so fine little baby,
the secret garden lies my honey,
there like a pregnant lady, little sweetie bunny

We can hear the carbon of yours
fizzing dissolving
mating with the earth and mist in
the secret garden

then it´s plan-
then it´s plan-
then it´s plan-
ted in the
secret garden
Track Name: The Jacket
It´s freezing under the stars
pale light’s just making the dark clear
the trees have emptied their green
the willows frozen their tears
your hope is frosting the stones
it´s perfect crumbs for the bore
you will not move anymore
you will not move anymore

My talking swallowing wind
that brings the words back in
louds can not be sent
and so the vacuum begins
the northern lights starts to glow
oh, it´s so beautiful, oh now
i try to take your hand,
your fingers break in my hand

Say you wanna keep on going though thers no time, no line,
no signal lights to lead the way only pain

Your eyes are gazing dead, they’ve lost their sight ahead,
your focus lay in space, your heartbeats slowly fade

The heart is made to stay, the heart is made to go away

The sofa smelled from the smokes
from the boys and the rain
oh, the balcony swayed
as we made love and the skies
were so incredible wide
we kept warm by our sides
I had the time of my life

You're letting winter in
oh please, just keep going
you're letting winter in
please pull your jacket closer